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The mission of the Cadet Gospel Choir is to minister to the Academy, the surrounding community, and those in need through song and our living testimony.  By setting examples for each other through spiritual growth, development, and mentorship, we will be a family of believers centered on Christ and committed to a lifetime of service and success.

The Cadet Gospel Choir  originated as a satellite of the Cadet Chapel choir in 1974.  It consisted of four dedicated members and was known as the Cadet Gospel Chorus.  The Gospel Chorus later became its own entity, no longer a satellite creation of the Chapel choir.  For more than three decades, the Cadet Gospel Choir has grown.  Choir members have found a family and a home away from home.  The Cadet Gospel Choir is pleased to share its history and tradition of praising the Lord’s name in song with you.  We have found that God is good all the time, and are happy to share that message with you.  It is our charge to “Save the World, One Song at a Time.”

For more information, contact:
Archie Wilmer III, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Officer-in-Charge
(845) 938-6726 or archie.wilmer@usma.edu
Request for Appearance Form

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