Minority Recruiting  ------SAT & ACT Score Improvement

Greetings Alumni and Friends of West Point,

My name is MAJ Rance Lee and I am the UMSA Minority Admissions Officer.  Ms. Maureen Velez, Minority Admissions Specialist, my Outreach Officers, and I are excited about our candidates for the Class of 2013. We are actively recruiting, assisting, and nurturing them through the arduous admissions process.

The purpose of this letter is to keep you abreast of our efforts and success in ensuring that the Corps of Cadets continues to have qualified minority cadets, to represent the future leadership of the Corps, the Army, and the nation.  In addition, this letter is written to inspire you to assist us in the important mission of keeping the Corps and the Long Gray Line diverse and strong.
As a review, the currently enrolled USMA classes are represented by the following charts:

These charts include the 58 International Cadets.
As you see, the major challenge remains recruiting, admitting and retaining African-American Cadets. Therefore, I highly encourage you to continue to support this important mission by referring at least one candidate each year.

The 2008/09 Minority Admissions team is:

For additional information please contact myself or Ms. Maureen Velez at the above numbers or via email at Rance.lee@usma.edu or tm6945@usma.edu.   

Rance A. Lee, '97
Minority Admissions Officer


SAT & ACT Score Improvement:
Expanding The Candidate Pool

SAT and ACT scores weigh heavily in the admissions process. It is important for candidates to score well on these tests

Some candidates score well on the first testing
Others score lower and require guidance on how to improve scores

Enlcosed are SAT/ACT Score Improvement team effort for the 2006-2007 school year
For more information - click here.

If you would like to participate, please contact
Dennis Rowe, USMA 73 at


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