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The action plan includes three programs:
  • Education and Marketing
  • Community Partnership
  • DAD Minority Outreach Enhancement
The Department of Admissions has always contained an Education and Marketing strategy to maximize searches that both identify and qualify minority candidates and provide a return on investment. The Community Partnership and Minority Outreach Programs are still in the initial development stage. For the Community Partnership Program to reap rewards, the committee needs to identify minority graduates who are members of institutions or organizations (National Society of Black Engineers, Fraternities, Churches, etc.) within the target minority communities and establish communication links with these institutions and organizations.

Once completed, the committee can then develop/identify ways to enhance awareness of USMA within these organizations and expand the pool of qualified minority applicants. Although the DAD does have existing Minority Outreach Programs with organizations such as the Ron Burton Sports Camp and Youth Aid Bureau, Rockwell Industries, and the National Foundation for Community Involvement, the committee will need to find ways in which minority graduate volunteers can enhance and expand the reach of the current program.

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