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Minority Cadet Support

The action plan includes three programs:
  • Minority Cadet Mentorship (to include Minority Graduates Memorialization - Cadet role model

  • Minority Cadet Activities Support
A Minority Cadet Mentorship Program, under the USMA MAC, is in place but requires augmentation and formalization. Minority mentors at West Point may be too few to fully resource the program. A proposal for a mentorship program designed for all new minority graduates in order to facilitate their smooth and effective transition to the Army is currently being reviewed for implementation. An assessment of needs for Minority Cadet Activity Support requires further assessment. Identifying the direct needs of minority cadet activities provides an opportunity for the support fund group to focus their fund raising effort and for graduates to target their monetary contributions. The Roscoe Robinson Memorialization (South Auditorium, Thayer Hall) is thriving under Colonel Sayles leadership. The dedication was incorporated into the agenda of the Minority Outreach Conference in 2000. The dedication program included the Auditorium Memorialization, a physical upgrade and a speakers program. Fiscal support remains critical.

Graduate Support

The action plan includes the following programs
  • Minority Graduate Database Enhancement

  • Minority Graduate List Server Development

  • Minority Graduate Services
This plan has been restructured as two programs supporting communication activities and the fourth as a true services program. All three require primary support from the AOG ISO and the AOG Alumni Services (Career Advisory) directorates. The key to success for all of these programs and first priority is the continued upgrade/refinement of the Minority Graduate Database. This is an AOG responsibility and they routinely assess the current database structure. Further assistance will need to come from the Department of Admissions Minority Graduate Database. The committee will need to solicit support from each class to develop an updated e-mail address database in order to activate the Minority Graduate List server. The MOC committee structure has been reorganized to separate operational activities/responsibilities from support activities/responsibilities. The new Minority Graduate Support subcommittee will work in conjunction with AOG Alumni Services Directorate. Established communication channels are in place to inform the minority graduate community of services available, and the accessibility of a minority graduate-networking directory.

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